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Howler Bros

Helms X Howler Apparel


Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Brand Messaging
Collateral Design
Custom Typography
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Social Content Creation


Design Team: Collin Hall, Zach Wieland, Emily Prestridge, Alana Lyons, Benjamin Garner
Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Brand Management: Ryan Kitchens
Photographer: Andrew Yates

The Story

Years ago we partnered with a fire-eyed startup called Howler Bros, helping them build a spirited brand of design-driven outdoor clothing. Inspired by surfing, fishing and the water, Howler modernized traditional garments to create original, alternative clothing that embodies the soul and passion of coastal life.

Their vision of a limited-run clothing line focused on quality, signature details and smart functionality struck a chord with outdoor enthusiasts and beyond, and the brand’s popularity exploded.

After a few years of launching collaboration apparel with brands like Yeti, Chaco and Topo Designs the Howler team came back to Helms Workshop with an idea: Helms x Howler. After a few beers with the Workshop, the idea grew into a robust line of Helms designed shirts, hats, tees, jackets, patches and even an HxH beer.

Helms x Howler celebrates things we both love: the Texas outdoors, creativity, and collaboration with compadres. Here’s to old friends and new horizons.

Check out the full line apparel here.

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