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Top Hops Beer Shop NYC

Brand Identity


Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Environment Consultation & Design
Identity System


Design Team: Christian Helms

The Story

Top Hops is a culture-center for craft beer in Manhattan. It’s the kind of place where seasoned beer geeks can share their enthusiasm and new craft beer fans can learn a bit more about the magic combination of hops, yeast, barley and water. They’re not just a retail store— Ted and Christina have built a celebration of beer, and the good people who brew it. They foster appreciation for the craft, history and taste of great beer— they’re not just merchants, but advocates as well.

Workshop teamed with Ted and Christina early in the development of the business plan and collaborated with architects, environmental designers and sign fabricators to create a unique and bold expression of their passion for beer. Pay them a visit when you’re in Manhattan, and have a pint for us.

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