Bionic Brew

Revolutionary in nature and rebellious in spirit, Bionic Brew hit the ground running as the first craft brewery in one of the world’s largest urban villages – Shenzhen, China. Fighting obstacles along the way, the tenacious band of brewers grew from gypsy brewing and pop-up bars to a proper brew house and tap rooms. Now regarded as pioneers in a growing market, the brewery tasked us with distilling their renegade spirit into a strong brand identity. 

In Chinese folklore, ancient poets tell a story of The Gold Rabbit. Tethered to the moon, the mythical figure spends its days brewing the elixir of life. That care in craft, electrified by the spirit of the Bionic Brew team sparked a powerful symbol for the brand. Flanking plum blossoms nod toward endurance through hardship. 

Growing and sustaining a craft brewery in China is no small feat, but Bionic Brew is thriving. As the fastest-growing craft brewery in the region, their increasing popularity means a new, diverse audience. To supercharge that growth we worked with the team in Shenzhen to build a versatile, arresting packaging system that speaks to both a Chinese and English-language audience.

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