Chinook Seedery

Tired of the same old salt-ridden, artificial, uninspired flavors offered by the big sunflower seed brands, Chinook began with an audacious goal: to create the best seeds ever. Sunflower seeds are so naturally healthy—full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Why was everyone messing with perfection?

Chinook’s approach was simple: find the biggest, best seeds and flavor them with natural ingredients. Huge, healthy seeds + unique, delicious flavors = Best Seeds Ever.

Eager to expand from natural groceries to compete with the big guys in convenience stores, Chinook challenged us to redefine the brand. We worked with founder Mark Pettyjohn and his team to craft an identity as bold and unique as their flavors. The packaging jumps off the shelf, grabbing shoppers’ attention and communicating loud and clear that these are not your average sunflower seeds.

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