Boulevard Brewing Co.

The Boulevard brand evolved organically over their first 25 years as pioneers in craft brewing. Each new beer was packaged with an independently designed label, which became a challenge for both the brewery and for drinkers as the brand grew. As the product family expanded and distribution spread it became difficult to recognize the brand in a crowded market.

We were tapped to work with the Boulevard team to strategically refine, redesign and ultimately reignite the brand. 

We began by leading a strategic survey of Boulevard’s brand history, equity and identity. With new insight into the brand, we developed a system that simplifies the brand identity while amplifying brand impact and voice. A refined color palette, consistent typographic choices, and a uniform illustration style allows Boulevard to consistently stand out while preserving the down-to-earth, humble wit and light-hearted personality of the brand. 

To create a packaging platform for current and future beers, the solution was found in the beginnings of the brand. A bold new label shape references the original Boulevard diamond logo, the symbol most closely tied to the brewery. The unique shape is memorable, and quickly recognizable at a distance. Applied across the entire packaging portfolio, the diamond label creates a consistent platform for expressing each beer’s personality while increasing shelf presence. 

Together, the new brand system aligns the full Boulevard portfolio, lays groundwork for efficient and effective design for future beers, and ensures a cohesive brand identity that drinkers—old and new—recognize as unmistakably Boulevard.

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