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La Pulga

Branding & Packaging

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Custom Typography
Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Website Design & Development
Packaging System
Brand Management


Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Design Team: Emily Prestridge, Nicole Oesterreicher
Copywriting: Andy Ogburn
Production Team: Crystal Glover, Kayla Dockery
Brand Management: Ryan Kitchens
Photography: Simon Krenk

The Story

There’s a place in Fort Worth, Texas, known to locals as Pequeño México and colloquially referred to as la pulga. Much like the mercado central and the pulgas seen all across Mexico, this famed spot in Fort Worth is a longtime home for Mexican-American craftspeople and a cultural centerpiece for their families and visitors alike.

It’s here where Sarah Castillo, Andrew De La Torre and Stephen Slaughter saw their shared heritage between Mexico and Texas reflected on familiar soil. They saw it as the perfect cornerstone for a spirited joint venture: developing Fort Worth’s very own tequila and mezcal brand and bolstering it with the city’s first sotol distillery, right next to the beloved pulga.

Our brand identity, packaging and photography work for the La Pulga brand lays the groundwork for this exciting future and roots it in “The Spirit We Share” by honoring the enduring bonds between Fort Worth and Mexico.

Our packaging suite and web design for La Pulga are inspired by the Mexican folk art style of alebrije—an artistic technique fitting for assigning a beautifully stamped “spirit animal” to every varietal. Plus, each bottle is adorned with unique production details like toothy label stock, a wood and cork closure, and a dignified metal medallion.

So next time you’re grabbing a high-end tequila, grab a bottle of La Pulga to celebrate the true shared spirit. Pay a visit to one of America’s oldest markets. And consider a traditional saying true of both the market and the distillery: “La tierra es de quien la trabaja”—the land belongs to he or she who works it.

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