Lake Hour

Is there a word for that perfect time of day—any time of day—when you’re laid out on a dock with nowhere to go, and no particular time you need to be there?

Well, alongside founders Wyatt Russell and Rich Peete, we helped give it a name: Lake Hour. 

Wyatt and Rich came to our team to launch a new kind of canned cocktail with some lake-inspired packaging. They’re a pair of buddies who realized that beer doesn’t go down like it used to for millennials of a certain age, and too many spiked seltzers out there taste like Jolly Rancher bubbly water. So they set out to create something different. Subtle, instead of loud. Something inspired by the lake days of youth and the memorable lake evenings of... later youth. 

They landed on four easy-to-drink, dad-bod-resistant flavors: Rosemary Yuzu, Peach Jasmine, Watermelon Cucumber and Honeysuckle Ginger. 

Real flavors, real fruit juices and real good spirits make every sip like a day on the lake in a can on your lips. These things are really tasty.

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