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Magellan Outdoors & Shiner Beers

Brand Merchandise

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Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Custom Typography


Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Design Team: Zach Weiland, Nicola Broderick, Greg Thomas, Cooper Blaske
Production Team: Crystal Glover, Kayla Dockery
Brand Management: Ryan Kitchens

The Story

Beer and gear. There are few things we as a studio love more. So when Academy Sports + Outdoors reached out to us to work on an apparel collaboration for Magellan Outdoors and Shiner Beers, we cracked a cold one and got to work.

Inspired by these two iconic Texas brands, and all the places we’d been out in the wild with a Shiner in hand, we aimed to develop a collection that was equal parts nostalgic and natural. Adventurous but familiar. Rugged, yet still with a snap of wit. The result is a refreshing take on custom outdoor merchandise that combines history, a thirst for adventure, Texan culture, and the spirit of fun from both brands — and blends them across a product line that can cover you from head to hoof.

Once is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Thirteen Times is a Pattern

Plaids, all over prints, and even a custom camouflage. One staple you’ll glimpse across the line is a plethora of patterns with a purpose. For our custom plaids, we took inspiration from the archives of each brand and from traditional outerwear style, then we applied unique touches with the historic Shiner “S” and a custom patch to commemorate the line.

Additionally, the all-over print provided an opportunity to explore a more progressive style, highlighting unique scenes where you might commonly encounter both brands. Our custom camo was a challenge to think outside of generic camouflage that’s prevalent across the outdoor industry and create something original that could only work when you combine two brands like Magellan and Shiner.

Bock Tastes Better Outdoors

As apparel collaborations have become more popular across industries, we’d continually seen launches where one brand stood above the other. So we challenged ourselves to ensure that both brands were equally represented throughout each piece in the collection. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our line of graphic tees. Our custom illustrations highlight fishing, camping, tubing scenes and more, bringing to life just about all the perfect occasions under the sun (or under the stars) where both of these beloved brands can be enjoyed.

Broadening Horizons

Working with a team like Academy Sports + Outdoors, it’s difficult to imagine any merchandise product they haven’t thought of before. But in this line we’ve done just that. We were able to work with the team to push beyond a tried-and-true product set to bring new styles into the mix like the camo all-over mesh hat, the first-ever Magellan puffer vest, and even custom-patterned coolers and hard goods. The design detail in these products helped differentiate the line, speak to a different audience, and round out a robust collection.

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