La Caza Spirits

We’re all after that something. A personal best, a career first, an achievement that shows who we can be when we trust our wings.

And that’s where this tequila got its name: La Caza, or “the hunt.” To honor the search for what’s next—for perfection—wherever we can.

For most of us, that call takes us out of our comfort zone, out into the wild. And La Caza was crafted meticulously to be just that: a spirit of the wild, made for those passionate about their adventure outdoors.

We were called to bring a dream of ultra-premium tequila to life in the market. To match the passion founder Drake Screws exudes on his own hunt: to dream, formulate and distill top-end tequila in an artful way. On top of that, we shared a mission to make an unparalleled tequila the perfect brand for outdoor enthusiasts. 

This tequila pairs perfectly with kayaking, camping or any natural pastime—and is ideally enjoyed on horseback. 

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