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La Caza Spirits

Branding & Packaging

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Packaging System
Brand Messaging
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Website Design & Development


Creative Direction: Christian Helms, Alex Roka
Design Team: Alex Roka, Crystal Glover, Cooper Blaske
Brand Management: Ryan Kitchens
Photographer: Muddy Shutter Media

The Story

We’re all after that something. A personal best, a career first, an achievement that shows who we can be when we trust our wings.

And that’s where this tequila got its name: La Caza, or “the hunt.” To honor the search for what’s next — for perfection — wherever we can.

For most of us, that call takes us out of our comfort zone, out into the wild. And La Caza was crafted meticulously to be just that: a spirit of the wild, made for those passionate about their adventure outdoors.

We were called to bring a dream of ultra-premium tequila to life in the market. To match the passion founder Drake Screws exudes on his own hunt: to dream, formulate, and distill top-end tequila in an artful way. On top of that, we shared a mission to make an unparalleled tequila the perfect brand for outdoor enthusiasts.

This tequila pairs perfectly with kayaking, canoeing, or any natural pastime — and is ideally enjoyed on horseback.

The Powerbird

An important part of our mission was to communicate passion in the packaging — the character of those who craft the tequila in Jalisco, Mexico, and the character of those in its homeplace of Texas.

The centerpiece of a considered design became the Powerbird, which appears on every bottle within our signature badge. It’s the perfect symbol of La Caza — soaring above and keeping a watchful eye as it searches for its prey.

To the brand, it’s a mark in a classic southwestern style that symbolizes the power and endless pursuit of something greater: the hunt.

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