Few things are for certain, but one of them is this: The Texas heat will find a way. 

That’s what VoChill founders Randall and Lisa Pawlik were confronted with time and again when they’d pour a glass of wine on their sunny patio in Austin… only to have the crispness pulled right out of it by hundred-degree heat. 

Sure, there were solutions out there that kept a glass of wine chilled for a little while longer, but all of them required replacing your traditional wine glass with something made of insulated metal or plastic. For Lisa and Randall, who are well-versed in the wine world, they knew that sipping a good glass of wine out of the right vessel was vital to the flavor. 

When it was clear the perfect solution did not exist, Randall and Lisa got to work in creating a product that would maintain your wine’s perfect temperature without interfering with the drinking experience. 

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