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Packaging System
Identity System
Brand Messaging
Art Direction
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Website Design & Development
Brand Management


Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Design Team: Emily Prestridge, Crystal Glover, Kayla Dockery
Brand Management: Laura Jankovsky
Photographer: Cydney Cosette
Website Development: Dave Guillory

The Story

Few things are for certain, but one of them is this: The Texas heat will find a way.

That’s what VoChill founders Randall and Lisa Pawlik were confronted with time and again when they’d pour a glass of wine on their sunny patio in Austin… only to have the crispness pulled right out of it by hundred-degree heat.

Sure, there were solutions out there that kept a glass of wine chilled for a little while longer, but all of them required replacing your traditional wine glass with something made of insulated metal or plastic. For Lisa and Randall, who are well-versed in the wine world, they knew that sipping a good glass of wine out of the right vessel was vital to the flavor.

When it was clear the perfect solution did not exist, Randall and Lisa got to work in creating a product that would maintain your wine’s perfect temperature without interfering with the drinking experience.

The Brand

Our branding journey for VoChill was all about bringing a cool and effervescent sensibility back to enjoying wine. Taking inspiration from the product and its function, we developed an elegant visual system characterized by a simplicity and distinction of form. This is built using a minimal aesthetic, thoughtful typography, and still-life photography. It establishes a strong, contemporary visual impact on shelves, highlighting a soothing blue gradient, which represents the act of slowing down as well as the method of chilling your wine.

We saw the product as more than just a tool to keep your wine chilled, but also an artistic centerpiece that would bring sophistication to any tablescape. The outcome was a brand that truly centered itself on the product and its consumer benefits.

Success Story

VoChill was created out of a simple, yet inspired, moment. But when the product met the marketplace, the excitement and demand was obvious and took off quickly!

Within VoChill’s first year in the market, the brand landed a spot on USA Today’s Gift List, as well as Oprah’s ‘35 Gifts for Your Friend Who Lives for Wine O’Clock’. VoChill has since expanded to offering both a stemmed and stemless wine chiller in seven unique colors, including the brand’s signature blue. The company continues to grow and expand into new markets, recently launching in Europe.

As VoChill has continued to grow, adding new product lines and colors for consumers to choose from, we have loved being able to be a continuous strategic partner as it relates to product focus, new packaging solutions, and photography and video refreshes.

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