Murray’s Tavern

Murray’s Tavern is timeless. Classic. Never out of style, never trying too hard. More walk than talk, like the perennial pubs of yesteryear. Worldly and classy, but with teeth—like your Grandma Murray.

She always wore a dress, even plowing the garden. Mixed a martini every day at the strike of four, even on Sundays. She changed her own oil, served oysters on Tuesday for no special reason, could clean you out in poker and told jokes that could make a trucker blush. She smoked like a lady and never gave a damn what the neighbors might think. Here’s to Grandma Murray, and to life well-lived.

Inspired by the brand’s namesake, Murray’s Tavern is an eclectic juxtaposition of the old and new, of the functional and whimsical: lush foil leafing and custom filigree frame quirky custom wallpaper. Jewel tone colors stand alongside masculine mahogany textures, offset by the playful frill of doily coasters. An intricate copper tile inlay welcomes you in as you push open the heavy, weathered doors and gaze down the longest bar in town. 

If it would have made Grandma Murray smile, then it found a home in the charmingly warm and worn neighborhood tavern. Pull up to the bar, order a Rob Roy and toast a new era of old tradition.

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