LeRoy & Lewis

We’re all seeking balance—the perfect equilibrium between convention and iteration, comfort and risk, salt and pepper, brisket and sausage.

That balance was hard to find in the Texas barbecue scene a few years back. Brisket has always been excellent across the state, but even in Austin, any spirit of inventiveness was missing in 2018. Tradition dominated the BBQ scene. Meat offerings were pretty standardized, and side dishes were exactly what you expected. The phrase “better for you” was a punchline. And most branding efforts got lost in a sea of sameness: muddy brown and off-red hues making one spot look like every other joint.

So barbecue truthers scratched their heads when LeRoy & Lewis pulled up in their blue-and-yellow truck at Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden. Stepping up to the window, the purists were downright perplexed: Cauliflower burnt ends? Smoked duck wings? Beet-based barbecue sauce?

What in tarnation?

Six years later, with a Top-5 ranking from Texas Monthly under their belt, L&L’s line has grown so long and the praise so thick that founders Evan LeRoy and Sawyer Lewis have opened their very own brick-and-mortar spot in South Austin.

• • •

In reality, Evan and Sawyer weren’t so much bucking convention as they were restoring a much-needed harmony to the barbecue universe—one in which the modern consumer can’t take time for a siesta after lunch. Hell, they might not even eat meat.

As we kicked off the branding process together, the central idea we landed on was “New School Barbecue, Old School Service.” This concept is deeply embodied by Evan and Sawyer and each member of their lovable team. We made sure it showed through in every morsel of a brand system as beautifully balanced as their menu.

A painterly wordmark, adorned with filigree, says, “Old School.” But a maize and blue color combo that really lets the food stand out? That’s New School.

Locally-sourced meats cut and trimmed every morning? Old School.
Locally-sourced trimmings turned into mouth-watering brisket burgers? That’s New School.

Damn good brisket served with a smile? Old School.
Smoked in a topless tin foil boat? That’s New School.

A friendly and classic menu, with easygoing type choices? Old School.
Beef cheeks on said menu? You get the idea.

But hear this: If you haven’t tasted it, it’s about time you restored some equilibrium to your own universe.

• • •

Customers just kept coming back. The love piled high over the first handful of years, and we got to join the LeRoy & Lewis team in their mission to open their very own restaurant in South Austin. Together, we left no detail unconsidered. Our lighted script sign greets you nice and bright as you pull in. Interior signage and menu boards were fashioned out of old porcelain enamel service trays.

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