Alvies boots and leather flip-flops are the perfect go-to footwear: comfortable, durable and stylish. They represent the unique balance of our hometown—Austin, Texas. Cowboys and hippies. Work and leisure. Style and comfort. Tex and Mex. They all melt together like a delicious queso. Alvies was dreamed up here in Austin, by a guy named Alvie. They’re made in León, Mexico—the bootmaking and leatherworking capital of the world. They break in fast, are built to last and are designed for life. After just a few days, they feel like they’ve been part of your life for years. With a pair of boots and a pair of flops, you’re set for any occasion—from tubing on the Red River to schmoozing on the red carpet. Owning a pair of Alvies means you won’t have to worry about what you’re wearing today. Or tomorrow. Or five years from now. “Forever boots,” crafted to last generations, carry a message to buy less, live more and get going. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

We’re proud to partner with Alvie and his team on their mission to bring the balance of boots and flip-flops to the world. The combination represents a simple, blissful balance for a life well lived. Plus, they look damn good on everyone.

We worked with Alvies to craft a lighthearted and laid-back brand that blasts pure Austin vibes across channels and out into the world. Packaging, digital advertising, merchandise and activation materials combine seamlessly, to tell the stories held in every scratch and scuff. Adventures and misadventures abound in lifestyle photography, shot all over our capitol city, from Deep Eddy Pool to the Hole in the Wall. Check out the brand’s online home and pick up a pair or two there. Worn well, they’re guaranteed to become a well-worn favorite.

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