Deep Ellum Spirits

Dallas’ famous (and infamous) Deep Ellum district is an urban jungle steeped in history, serving over the years as a home to wayward souls, grinnin’ pickers, lovable losers and hungry dreamers. Known for decades as the rough part of town, these days the neighborhood is a vibrant creative enclave known for smooth spirits. Deep Ellum is a world-class distillery pumping out vodka, whiskeys and spirit infusions that sip smooth, win medals and completely crush the competition. Channeling a determination of spirit that fueled countless punk bands, blues legends and degenerate hucksters, they’re a perfect pairing for wild nights, pool parties and questionable characters.

We collaborated with the Deep Ellum team to reintroduce a supercharged brand for a new era. Striking neon labels mirror the spirited hues of the distillery’s vodka infusions, and sport a new, refined logo and typography system. Each element of the identity suite, from the shipper boxes to the custom website, reflects the brand’s rebellious personality, provocative voice and premium quality.

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