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Big Swig Sparkling Water

Naming, Branding, Packaging & Website

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Brand Messaging
Packaging System
Website Design & Development
Brand Film
Art Direction
Social Content Creation
Brand Management


Design Team: Collin Hall, Emily Prestridge, Emily Lamontagne, Cameron Smith, Crystal Glover, Megan Pando, Mike Tabie, Christian Helms
Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Brand Management: Ryan Kitchens, Jamie Wang
Social Media Support: Rachael Mumford
Website Development: David Guillory


Graphic Design USA Package Design Awards 2020

The Story

Big Swig was born from simple Texan common sense. With the rapidly growing sparkling water market dominated by just a handful of big conglomerates, there was no homegrown option for thirsty Texans. Beyond that, the whole category was drowning in a sea of sameness. From the flavors, to the messaging, to the overall brand personality — existing sparkling waters felt flat.

The industry’s stale approach to engaging consumers offered an opportunity for a scrappy challenger to lead with a Texas-sized personality, and with unique, inventive flavors to match: Jalapeño Pineapple, Prickly Pear Cucumber, and Party Pickle (to name a few). Outrageous? Absolutely. Average? Nope. And because it’s Texas, a bigger-than-average can is required, too.

Meet Big Swig. Unapologetically Texan, distinctively outrageous, and uniquely flavorful sparkling water. Think of it as sixteen fluid ounces of Yee-Haw.

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