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Blackberry Farm Brewery

Branding, Packaging & Website

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Social Content Creation
Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Collateral Design
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Website Design & Development
Art Direction
Packaging System
Brand Management
Identity System


Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Design Team: Benjamin Garner, Emily Prestridge, Emily Lamontagne, Megan Pando, Nat Sathi
Brand Management: Ryan Kitchens
Photographer: Nick Cabrera, Sarah Rau, Reid Long
Website Development: David Guillory


Communication Arts Design Annual 2019
Craft Beer Marketing Awards Gold Crushie 2021

The Story

Blackberry Farm Brewery started humbly in a milking barn at Blackberry Farm, nestled alongside pastures of livestock and rows of produce. They brew styles that point back to their agrarian roots and draw inspiration from the techniques and heritage of brewing in Belgium.

Driven by industry veteran Roy Milner and James Beard Award-Winning visionary Sam Beall, the brewery’s ties to the farm don’t stop with the beer. They carry forward Blackberry’s commitment to hospitality and the farm way of life: a focus on connection and purpose, slowing down, enjoying life, striving for balance and connecting with the land, ourselves and others.

Our new branding and messaging nods to both the brewery’s heritage and offering. Inspired by southern folk art, the bright brand patterning is blazed across a clean, refined white backdrop. The presentation reflects both their deep Tennessee roots and their commitment to brewing beers of the highest quality.

Blackberry Farm Brewery’s new packaging serves not just as a beacon to fans and craft beer drinkers. Each beer name and pattern ties to a story, moment or place close to heart and home in the Tennessee mountains. There’s a story in every sip.

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