Blackberry Mountain

Over 8 miles of protected ridgetop. 5,200 acres of pristine wilderness. Infinite views. 

Serenely situated along the last of the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Mountain can only be summarized as naturally remarkable. The East Tennessee destination seamlessly infuses wellness, outdoor adventure and hospitality into every experience, creating moments as epic and invigorating as the views that surround their guests. Welcome to your own private national park. 

Framed by vast, panoramic vistas, the Mountain is an immersive experience blending physical challenge, intellectual nourishment and thoughtful indulgence. Endless trails for excursions. Tranquil spaces for recharging. An expertly appointed outfitter, a subterranean spa and artist lofts. Three one-of-a-kind restaurants—one built around an original 1940s fire watchtower. A seemingly limitless range of activities, from aerial yoga and rock climbing to sculpture and meditation, or time spent simply gazing at the wonders of nature. 

We worked alongside the Blackberry team over two years on every touch point of the brand, from vast monument signage to tiny key fobs and a mountain’s worth of moments in between. The result is a seemingly effortless integration of nature, architecture and collateral and a brand ecosystem as vital, diverse and alive as the Mountain itself.

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