Howler Bros

Howler Brothers founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian spent their adolescent summers riding waves and patrolling the waters and wildlife of the east coast. Their vision for the business—and the name Howler Brothers—was inspired by a surf trip to Costa Rica. The echoing cry of the howler monkey served as their soundtrack for exploration and adventure. Years later, that epic yawp has grown from a warm reminder of a treasured destination to a call to action for legions of outdoor enthusiasts across the country and beyond.

We worked closely with the founders from the beginning, crafting custom typography, brand logos, supporting iconography and messaging to launch the brand. Along with the design of a direct-to-consumer retail site, the brand language sends a clear message that this is not your traditional outdoor clothing brand.

Howler modernizes traditional outdoor apparel to create original, elevated clothing that embodies the soul and passion of coastal life. Their vision of design-driven clothing built on quality, signature details and smart functionality struck a chord—and the brand’s popularity exploded.

After launching collaboration apparel with brands like Yeti, Chaco and Topo Designs, the Howler team came to us with an idea: Helms x Howler. After a few beers and a lot of brainstorming the idea grew into a robust line of collaboratively designed apparel.

Helms x Howler celebrates things we both love: the Texas outdoors, wild-eyed creativity and close collaboration with compadres. We love partnering with old friends to find new horizons.

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