Imperfekt Bites

Founded in Austin, Imperfekt Bites was launched by a third-generation German Chocolatier with the simple belief that snacking and a healthy lifestyle aren’t mutually exclusive. They combine delicious, healthy, whole ingredients to create small-yet-satisfying chocolates that are the ideal recipe for a balanced snack. These little clusters are the opposite of “too pretty to eat.”

Imperfekt’s handcrafted confections blend nostalgic flavors with functional ingredients, and encases them in premium dark chocolate to make unconventionally delicious treats that boast superfood health benefits. Meticulously crafted to imperfection, they’re a healthier, thoughtful indulgence that snackers can feel good about. Treat yourself. And treat yourself well! The charmigly uncomplicated branding takes cues from the product, mixing simple ingredients and maximum flavor appeal into a simply delicious brand system.

Each bag features product photography that highlights the the simplicity and uniqueness of every perfectly imperfekt chocolate cluster. We worked with our good friend Nick Cabrera to photograph an artful display of the individual ingredients and their respective clusters. The result is an uncomplicated yet creative packaging solution that cuts through the noise of the shelves with thoughtful restraint.

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