Lone River Ranch Water

A Lone River cuts through the high desert of Far West Texas. Some look to the Lone River for refreshment; others chase the story it writes in every bend and bow.

Founded by West Texas native Katie Brown, Lone River was one of the early small hard seltzers to hit grocery shelves beside market leaders White Claw and Truly. Inspired by the simple and refreshing beverage enjoyed by ranchers across West Texas, Lone River’s take on ranch water celebrates the awe-inspiring majesty of the region’s landscape. The brand embodies a spirit of rugged, off-the-grid adventure that transcends geography, inspiring drinkers to explore uncharted corners of the map.

We designed a brand as big as the views across the high desert, from packaging punch-ups to in-store advertising, digital marketing, photography, and animation. The work grabbed the attention of drinkers, distributors, and more. Diageo acquired Lone River after an unprecedented 11 months on shelves.

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