Kerbey Lane

There’s a difference between a good diner and an institution.

Sure, a good diner has that “greasy spoon” allure and an enormous menu of night-and-day staples. It may even have that famous stainless steel siding at roadside stops. But a great diner has a more profound character that can only be forged with time and devotion to a community. So when family-owned Kerbey Lane, the premier diner chain in Austin for over 40 years, came to us with eyes toward a rebrand, we licked our lips and jumped at the chance to work with a great team—and one of the few great diners.

Kerbey Lane has witnessed firsthand all the change that’s occurred in Austin—and happened to Austin—for the last four decades. From a small college town to “Keep Austin Weird” to the ongoing Silicon Hills tech boom. And even with new skyscraper shadows on the river every month, Kerbey Lane has thrived through it all, proving to be Austin’s lifelong go-to for kids, college kids, and kids-at-heart.

Why? Because they’ve got that mythical character, most brands can only dream of. Since the start, they’ve embraced “weird” in everything they do: treating customers and staff like family and celebrating individuality with off-the-wall uniform flair and creative menu twists like cinnamon roll pancakes. Plus, they even sent their queso into outer space. No joke.

Plenty of other restaurants have tried to counterfeit this one-of-a-kind character overnight—blandly reheating Austin’s soul and slapping “Keep Austin Weird” on the side of the building.

But our work with Kerbey Lane stakes a claim on the real, wild, wonderful, and, yes, weird Austin. We took the story of Kerbey Lane’s rich past and celebrated it in the present, in signature off-the-wall style.

Whether it’s astronauts eating queso or a waffle with PF Flyers, we injected its true personality into every touchpoint. Our writing approach was simple yet distinct. Who better to act as our muse than Yogi Berra: a friendly, classic voice known by all that’s equal parts hippie and quippy?

Together, the new branding gives the restaurant a bright, cohesive look that makes it feel even more like Kerbey Lane than ever. It’s ready to welcome you with open arms any time of the day, with an embrace as warm as a stack of cinnamon roll pancakes.

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