Meli’s Cookies

As baker besties for over 30 years, Melissa B. and Melissa M. have spent many an afternoon crafting decadent and delicious treats to share with family and friends. When a close family member was suddenly diagnosed with gluten-intolerance, they took it as a personal challenge to find the best gluten-free cookie recipe out there. 

Sadly, after taste-testing every gluten-free cookie they could find, the Melissas’ taste buds were staggeringly underwhelmed. It seemed that the more gluten-substitutes involved, the more “blah” the cookie. They next looked to their own age-old family recipes, and that pivot lead to an epiphany. A most beloved recipe, passed down and adored through generations, was naturally gluten-free! Meli’s couldn’t wait to share their deliciously awesome discovery with the world.

As moms who put a premium on caring for their families, Meli’s is committed to crafting better-for-you treats made with natural ingredients. Certified gluten-free rolled oats and plenty of nut butter give Meli’s up to 4 grams of protein power. Add in natural chocolate chips, peanut butter bites and plenty of giggles, and you have one of the best cookies you’ll ever crunch. And, you can feel great about eating them!

Our team refined Meli’s positioning and messaging to better highlight the brand’s unique differentiators in the crowded cookie and snack market. This laid the groundwork for a dramatic brand refresh, spanning across identity and packaging to merchandise, and beyond. Lively colors and saturated cookie images practically jump off the grocery shelf. Sunny typography and progressive patterns that nod to a checkerboard kitchen floor cue a spirited tone that feels familiar, yet fresh—like a warm, baked cookie. The packaging harkens back to a simpler time, but looks right at home on a modern kitchen counter. Brand photography featuring vintage props and smart styling play into the nostalgia inherent in childhood memories of a chocolate chip cookie.

Collectively the design system reintroduces the Meli’s brand with a bright and welcoming personality, inviting shoppers to fire up the oven and taste the MMMMMMMMMMeli’s difference.

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