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Packaging Systems: Fullsteam Brewery

Working closely with Fullsteam founder Sean Wilson we created a brand narrative centered around a semi-fictitious steampunk plantation-owner from a distant time: Liborious Golhart. The narrative explores the contrast between industry and agriculture, two worlds to which Libby is equally dedicated.

As Golhart surveys his plantation via derigible, the factories he owns are churning out amazingly tasty utilitarian beer. This government-issue ale of the proletariat is Fullsteam’s Original Workers’ Comp series of beers— their more traditional, wide release offerings. As the factories hum with activity Liborious, ever tinkering, is experimenting at the plantation and creating odd, artisinal ales for serving to friends and distinguished guests. Those beers are Fullsteam’s Plow-to-Pint series, brewed with real southern agricultural products.

Sweden’s Kurt Lightner worked with us to provide intricate, textural illustrations that provide a striking contrast to the iconic typography.

Visit to learn more about the brewery, and for a chance to be immortalized on their famed “Wall of Awesome.”

  • Commarts Communication Arts Design Annual 2011


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