Southwest Airlines Nolan Ryan CampaignSouthwest Airlines Nolan Ryan CampaignSouthwest Airlines Nolan Ryan Campaign
Southwest Airlines Nolan Ryan Campaign: GSD&M & Southwest Airlines

This project was an all-around blast. Southwest Airlines is launching a contest that will give a few lucky fans the chance to play ball with pitching legend Nolan Ryan— in Cooperstown, no less. When GSD&M approached us about helping them build hype for the contest, we jumped at the chance.

The photo shoot alone was worth all of the work— Mr. Ryan (“call me Nolan, son”) entertained the crew with pitching tips, thoughts on Clemens’ return to the game and stories of what ballparks looked like before mega-branding. We almost convinced him to put art director Robert Lin in a headlock, but alas it was not to be.

Nolan’s tales served as the impetus for the resulting jet way posters, which draw heavily from the bold signage and hand-lettered typography that once defined the aesthetics of America’s ballparks.



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