“We had a unique and difficult challenge in refreshing our 25-year-old brand, one that required a distinctive touch and experienced approach to find the right solution.

There was only one choice for me. With the Helms team we instantly found the right chemistry, enthusiasm and outside perspective we needed. They listened with patience and quickly helped us envision our future while respecting our past, leaving us feeling empowered and excited.”

Brent Anderson
Creative Director, Boulevard Brewing

“With no ego or hierarchy, the team finds what is right—both for a brand’s short term performance and future potential—and they go above and beyond to deliver. Southern Comfort is a great illustration of how true partnership can yield proud results.”

Lena Derohannessian
VP Global Marketing Director, Southern Comfort

"The Helms team knows how to ask the right questions, and maybe even more importantly, they know how to listen—really listen—and use insight and magic to build a brand story better than I ever imagined.

I don't know how they do it, but I am humbled and damn honored to be someone who's experienced the excellence and fearless creativity in the minds and hearts of the folks at Helms Workshop."

Leigh Oliver Smith Vickery
CEO, Queso Mama

"The package on the shelf will define exactly who you are, because the partnership and brilliance of Helms Workshop will capture what you aspire to be. There was a lot of potential with New Belgium’s foray into artisanal cider. Connecting with Helms suddenly made the prospect of creating something fabulous a reality."

Melyssa Mead
Creative Director, New Belgium Brewing
Helms Workshop®