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Queso Mama

Comprehensive Brand Identity


Identity System
Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Website Design & Development
Brand Messaging
Packaging System


Design Team: Collin Hall, Lauren Dickens, Alana Lyons
Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Web Developer: David Guillory

The Story

More exciting than salsa, greater than guacamole  and more boss than bacon: Queso is unrivaled as the ultimate fun-loving food. It tastes amazing. It feels indulgent. And it’s synonymous with sharing, connecting and celebrating.   

Queso Mama learned early on that the kitchen brings people together. It became her playground, as she created dishes that united people through joy and love. She found that queso, more than anything, shares that love. Her recipes are authentic, all-natural and guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips. Share the love, and pass the queso.

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